Thursday, January 1, 2009

Crank Texts?

Well, I had a fairly tame New Year's Eve celebration planned. We went to Cpt Clueless (don't start on me about apostrophe's, I have no idea where they go on that one nor do I care) brothers house to hang out. My BIL had to work the next day so we were going to have pizza and play with the 2 year old nephew, Mini J. I had a new camera to test out and Mini J loves having "movies" of himself to watch.

At 5:50 I got a text that came from: #-###-###-####. It said "Happy New Year. I know I am early but i have alot of sexy people 2 text so im gettin the ugly fuckers out of the way first... Lol. Pass it on..."

Ok, this just cracked all of us up (except Mini J, he didn't get it.) My BIL immediately wanted me to forward it to him, which I did. He then sent it out to their whole softball team (more hilarity ensued.) But I had no idea who it was from. I thought about sending an equally obnoxious text back - I mean who knows who really sent it to me? Cpt Clueless takes my phone and calls the number (he has his moments) - someone answers and he rudely demands "Who is this?" Then he starts cracking up and hands me the phone, saying that it's my little sister! We talked for a few minutes, and I told her only the phone number showed up, not her name. Well, she had also sent it to our 18 year old nephew so she decided she better clear up to him where it came from.

My SIL couldn't believe that I didn't know my own sister's cell number. Well, I explained, she changes home phone, cell and email as often as I buy shoes - and that's often. About that time I have my first beer of the night (only 2 there, left the hard drinking till we got home later.)

So my mom called me a little while ago to wish me a Happy New Year. One of the first things she asks is if I'm hungover. "No!" I reply (Chasers are the shit) and she said - well your sister said you sounded pretty tipsy when she talked to you last night. I hadn't even started drinking yet and OMG, she's 30 years old and still a tattle tale!

Happy 2009!


  1. I like your blog and saw you via The Raisin Chronicles...cute story...and we all have a younger sister that does stuff like that!

    Hope you do not mind if I keep up with your can check out mine...I now keep up with mostly three myself...

  2. Thanks for your comments, my first follower! Your site look delicious, but Cpt Clueless is as finicky as a cat. I will keep an eye out for something good that I can actually trick him into eating...

  3. Too funny about your sister. In my family, it's the oldest sister who always felt like she had to tell our parents things because it was her "duty."

  4. The text TOTALLY cracked me up.

  5. VM - I know! But being more mature (and treacherous) I will pay her back by telling her kids something embarrassing from her younger years!

    And I love your blog!

  6. Jeanne - it IS fun. I'm already seeing things in a different way, hmm, how can I make this funny and put it in my blog?

  7. Funny post. Sounds like a text that my youngest daughter would send out to friends and me. She is famous for that. And of course, my husband the texting truck driver continues the tradition. And thanks for following my humble blog.