Monday, January 19, 2009

Ass Drag Monday

I know, I can't believe it's already Monday again. Someone really needs to do something about this shit. Well, since it's here, and so are you, here is another totally worthless Monday post.

Some have noticed that I changed my "photo." The pic of Teri Polo was not cutting it. She looked so wholesome, and, well, nice. Slowly, the picture started getting on my nerves every time I saw it. I mean, she doesn't even look like someone I would hang out with. Eventually, after viewing it so often, I wanted to kick her ass (not just for the photo, did you see Meet the Fockers? That's roughly 2 hours of my life I will never get back.)

So I started looking through my photos trying to find a replacement. One thing, I hate getting my picture taken. Most of the photos were horrible, maybe since most were taken by my supposed friends while out partying (re: wasted.) Or by my dad when he was in his 'photography' phase, which also happened to be in the 80's. You can imagine the hair and make-up. Really. Because I'm not showing you.

I found a few where I was turned away from the camera. However, I also happened to be flipping the bird in all of them. For my own page that would be one thing. But for it to show everytime I leave comments just seemed rude.

Then I found one of a mooning in progress. I couldn't determine if I was pulling up or dropping down and it wasn't a full moon. As Captain Clueless would say, just the coin slot was hanging out. Butt (hahaha,) that seemed only slightly less rude than the finger, and I have that whole 'internet perv' fear thing going on.

So I settled for taking a photo of a few of my bad habits. Marlboro's. Billiards (why is this a bad habit? My dad forbid me from hanging out in pool halls as a teen so I figure he thought there was something wrong with it. Obviously I don't take well to being forbidden because that's where I was ALL THE TIME.) And the drink. What's in it? Well, I will leave it for you to imagine your favorite just-add-cola potion. Because really, what booze won't I drink?


  1. I must be totally naive, I thought that was your pic, now that other blog makes so much more sense, lol, the past week I have felt my coin slot more than I ever desire, lol

  2. Oh I wondered about the pic...
    I'll have a whiskey and coke please.

  3. I hate shooting pool, don't smoke, and your drink glass is far too small- which tells you what I like! I always say to people- it's your blog, and you do what the hell you want to!

  4. I'll miss the old photo. I'm not sure why, but i kinda like it. But I'm sure the new one will grow on me.

    I'm still dragging ass and it's Wednesday. Where in the hell did this week go?

  5. Chef E - yes, someone was giving me crap about 'how old is she in that photo anyway?' - and it's not even me. It's an odd thing, I'm told I look like Goldie Hawn all the time too. Maybe I should have put her photo on there.

    Scarlet - coming right up!

    BD - That's ok, I don't cook very well but I like to imagine what it would be like if I had a husband who could (or would) cook like you. BTW, being sober and all, I might need a ride Saturday. Are you available?

    K - I could've picked a photo of her in a designer gown, but I don't think I could have pulled that one off. Hang in there!

  6. I noticed some extra wear and tear on the pool table...guess you left one habit out LOL

  7. I've never heard of Teri Polo, she does look awfully good.

    Tequila and coke for me, but hold the coke.

  8. You are so darn funny! Your ass drag mondays are the best!

  9. I thought that photo was of you, too... but it doesn't matter- It's about who we think we are, and getting to know that person, and their thoughts.... Think on, pretty lady!

  10. Smokin and drinkin were the best part of growing up.