Friday, January 2, 2009

New use for those holiday gift cards

I know, I'm supposed to be getting showered and ready for a marathon of errands (including a trip to the library that is finally back open! Yeah!) but I thought this was interesting and had to share it.

This might be especially useful to those of you that get gift cards from out of towners who don't realize you don't even have that store/restaurant in your city.

Published - Jan 01 2009 03:38PM EST AP
You can call it a case of creative drug-dealing. Athens police have a 38-year-old man in custody for allegedly accepting gift cards for payment for crack cocaine and prescription drugs. Police Captain Marty Bruce, a spokesman, said the man was arrested Monday night. He was charged with possession of a controlled substance.Bruce said officers executed a search warrant at the man's house and seized crack cocaine, Xanax pills, $899 cash and $175 in gift cards.

Do you think he went on-line to check the balance on the cards before he accepted them as payment? Because you know how sneaky those crack users can be...


  1. And so the dominant paradigm asserts itself, over even the most unstructured of commercial transactions....

  2. Oh this one has me laughing...I was wondering what I could use the $200 one I got for a store that is way over priced...does anyone know about a pot&pan junkie running around selling out of the trunk of his car...I need to save a few bucks on a new copper pot!

  3. The same used to happen with luncheon vouchers...

  4. I could swear I posted a comment earlier? Well I said I thought it was funny about the dealers who took gift cards, and how I have one for $200 for a store I really would like one of the copper pots, but they are too does anyone know a pots and pans dealer I can trade with?

  5. Wait, wait, wait---you mean I can buy crack with my Bed, Bath & Beyond gift card? That's WAY better than pillowcases.... :)

  6. People get particularly creative around festive seasons :)

    Found you via Vodka Mom, my loyal follower and most ridiculous commenter ;)

  7. Sorry, slacked off over the weekend. See what happens when I finally get some library books!

    WA - ok, I have to admit I am a BB&B junkie. All those little gizmo's they have combined with the drugs would keep me giggling for hours!

  8. Chef E, I don't even want to think about what you could get for a $200 card - probably robbed!

    Scarlet, with the economy the way it is I'm surprised they didn't find a stash of food stamps too. BTW, you're blog is blocked (I hope it's not just me!)