Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Everyone (ok, not everyone, but a few people) have been nagging me to start my own blog. Ta-da!

First, let's explain the whole 'HoodChick' thing. I really didn't expect it to stick but it has so I'm just going with it. My husband (who will be referred to as Captain Clueless) and I were both teens in the eighties. He was into sports and cars and sports. I, on the other hand, was into pegged pants, bandanas, jean jackets, smoking in the bathroom - you know, one of the cool kids - also referred to as Hoods back in the day. When I'm rockin to some 80's music or having a really bad hair day Cpt Clueless likes to sneer and say things like 'God, you're such a hood chick!'

I don't mind, because I was bad-ass and he was a dork. It's a good thing we met in the late 90's because in high school I would've been way too cool to hook up with him. We've been married 11 years and it still mystifies me at times.

I'll leave you with a Letterman fun-fact from last night (because when he said it I almost shot milk out my nose:) Despite years and years of scientific study, researchers still have not been able to determine why underwear is singular and underpants is plural.


  1. I am just a few years ahead of you, and my hubby hates it when I remind him his is a dork, geek, or call him poindexter (as in felix the cat)...I like the name a good one, and 'my life, also, requires alcohol' lol

  2. I cannot believe I wasn't the first person ever to comment on your blog (although I did give you your first post as a guest on my site).

    Welcome to blogworld. It's a way funner place than where you work!

  3. I was a jock, dated a cheerleader, ended up marrying a band nerd- opposites do attract! Welcome to blogging, I think you'll like it!

  4. See I told a few friends about you and here is one of them...

  5. Just noticed you have a picture, and now a blog! Hope you can skip over the highly-obsessed blogging phase I've been living in, and just go to fun hobby place. Its sunny and happy there. Its taken me three months, but I'm slowly making my way out to the Lido deck.