Monday, January 26, 2009

Ass Drag Monday

Yeah, it’s my favorite day again! You can’t hear the sarcasm, but believe me, it’s there. With the fish fry to setup for, work at, and the hangover to deal with, I’m just starting to feel human again. I'll try to write something not worthless later in the week, but you know the drivel you get on Monday so you really can't complain.

Tuesday – the doctor called about the MRI results on my knee. No torn ligaments or cartilage damage showed on it. “Gee, why does it still hurt so damn much?” I asked. I mean, he is a doctor, right? Guess what, he doesn’t know. That’s it. Buh-bye.

Wednesday – we’re not reliving that shit again.

Thursday – Weee! That was jello shot making night. This is what 746 jello shots look like (side note, it was supposed to be 750. How much money do you think those bastards at GFS are pocketing by shorting each pack by 1 cup??) And don’t try to call me out on the math. One cup had a hole and had to go in the trash (after the jello I put in it went straight out the bottom and all over the freaking place.) Where was I, besides killing you with punctuation? Oh yes, I tried to take a picture of my aching back when we were done, but it just didn’t come across.

Mini-J and Miss Abby decided to setup some chairs and have a movie night while moms, aunt and friends labored away in the kitchen.

Miss Abby’s new baby sister.

Friday – I had a couple of cocktails and bitched to all of you about my Wednesday. Taking advantage of my impaired judgment, Captain Clueless tricked me into showing him ‘the blog.’ He thought some of it was funny, didn’t get some of it, and strongly objected to the Captain Clueless nickname. He would, because he’s, well, clueless. Seriously, after checking out a few posts he went into the living room and cranked up an Asia song on the TV. At no point in my lifetime did I ever like Asia. And if he had a clue he would know how much they suck. If you’re an Asia fan and feel like bitching about this, don’t bother. You have no cred with me.

Saturday – The big night. Somehow I missed getting a pic of Jeanne slurping a jello shot. She must have sucked them down while I was occupied elsewhere. Don't blame me, she's sneaky like that.

This is Eric. His table won the most-bloated-from-jello prize before the 2 for 1 fire sale.

Now, would someone please tell me why I have an irrational fear that this poor little duckling is going to drown if he falls in here?


  1. Jello shots...

    God I miss college. I might have to make some soon just to relieve those days.

  2. I have never done a jello shot.

    I've got to put that on my list of stuff to do, quickly!

  3. I sat next to the table with the Leaning Tower of Jello Shots -- we watched with fascination as the structure grew, and grew, and grew....

    Somewhere in my collection I have a picture from my 41st birthday, drinking something called a "blowjob". Maybe I'll post it sometime.

  4. Is making jello shots a hobby for you? ;-)

  5. K - There's no age limit to jello shots (well, ok there is, but you don't have to be in college)

    Janie - you can't do just one. More like 10 at least.

    Jeanne - you're a braver soul than I.

    Debra - no, it's a once a year thing. But we sure eat a lot of them in January and February. I've just been griping about having to make them a lot here.

  6. Dr Scholls should piggyback on a Super Bowl commercial with Jose Cuervo and do a kickass version of Are You Jellin'?