Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jello shot hell, or is it...

It's that time again. All of us wives/girlfriends are expected to work our asses off for the men's hobby. Cpt Clueless and my BIL have a softball team. Fish fry coming up on 1/24. So sometime in the next two weeks we better halves will be making jello shots. At least 500. While they are supposedly out 'hitting balls'.

If you've never made these, let me tell you it's a pain in the ass filling up all of those little 2 oz. cups. At least I don't get stuck with lid duty!

So the last few years I tried turkey basters. But you have to put your finger over the end to keep the jello from leaking out. After many batches of purple, blue, red and orange (I banned lime - it's just nasty) your finger ends up dyed a disgusting color.

This year I thought I'd try one of those pancake batter dispensers. Tests were a disaster. Batter might be fine in them but liquids just run out all over. Really. I'm desperate for ideas. It has to be something that won't drip, and holds quite a bit so it doesn't constantly need to be refilled.

It also has to be easy enough to operate with a buzz on. Because really, like we could work with all that booze and not throw down a few. Ok, maybe more than a few. And maybe we gossip a lot while we're doing it. All right already, it's really like a mini-girl party with chores than actual "work." And we eat at least a quarter of them at the fish fry without paying for them.

But don't tell the guys, because we'll bitch about having to do this for at least a month.


  1. BTW - my temporary dental work is passable. CC is calling me "baby tooth" at his own risk.

    Chef E - an award? for me? Thank you so much, but now I actually will have to figure out how to "get" it. Never mind that I was a computer programmer for years and years and have a real live certificate of authenticity in web development...

  2. You know, I've never had a jello shot. Where is this fish fry?

    And after you've had a few, we can discuss which item from the list you thought was a lie....

  3. HA, you just reminded me of a picture I should post and blog involves me the eagle eye of the food world noticing some in a cooler where I should not have been :)

    You are Too Funny! We always made these even after college for parties...they are a pain, but everyone loved them...

    You click on pic, save to your puter...go to 'layout' on dashboard, add it too a gadget 'pic' file, and there she goes showing off her silly is okay if you do not do it, I just did it for fun...pass me one of those, cherry please...

  4. I've never heard of jello shots but they sound good. Have you tried using a teapot for them?

  5. Please post recipe for making shots, I've never had them....

  6. Hoodchick I posted my blog about my latest Jello Shot experience...since you sparked my memory...and I agree post a recipe and I will link it back here like I did this one!

    Fun how we all will take a look around the blogs!

  7. Eryl, good idea. I considered a teapot but the spouts are just too short. Would work if they cups were all lined up close to the edge of the counter but you actually have to cart them around on trays (and not spill!) It gets to be a sticky mess.

  8. I have an idea for you. Make the jello in a bowl instead of the individual cups. After it sets, use one of those mellon scooper things and then put them in the little cups!