Wednesday, May 19, 2010

And whose idea was this detox program anyway?

I know what you're thinking - Hoodchick and detox? Oh wow, did she go into rehab? Hell no! I'm a little off my rocker but definitely not that far gone.

I came up with this brilliant idea that Bestie and I should do a detox program. And she's enough of a sucker to go along with it. Basically you mix some noxious concoction up with 32 oz of water. You drink one of these every day for 7 days. And it cleanses all the toxins from your system. Well, except for the booze and cigarettes and stuff. Sounds like a good idea, get all the bad stuff out of your body, right?

Let's just say it's not a pleasant experience. When you have to go, you have to go. And I mean right now. Sitting in a meeting with your boss? So sorry, I need to leave. I know you're talking about company strategy and all, but I have some toxins ready to explode from me.

Taking your dog for a nice, long hike through the woods? Oh crap. Literally. Hope that wasn't poison ivy. Feeling embarrassed for me? Don't be. Thankfully I stayed out of the woods that week!