Monday, January 5, 2009

Hi ho, hi ho, back to work I go (sort of)

I don't think I mentioned that I took 2 weeks of vacation over the holidays. I am lucky to have the kind of job that I can work from home if need be. So I did today, which kept me from having to schlep my sorry ass out of bed quite as early as normal. Which would be ok, except the reason I did not go into the office is I needed emergency dental care.

Now, I'm a little paranoid about my teeth. I had years of braces. Then the wonderful retainer age began. Then, because I have little tiny teeth (thanks to my mother's side of the family) I ended up with 4 veneers to fill in the spaces.

So Friday night while innocently snarfing a Frickin Chicken Pizza (a local thing) I BREAK A FRIGGIN TOOTH OFF. In the front, next to the eye teeth. (According the dentist, #10. If I had been caught up on my blog reading I would have told him, no, that's Chewbaca.)

You can imagine my horror. I proceded to down Captain and Diet Pepsi like the world was coming to an end. I was out of Chasers and not going anywhere public looking like that and Cpt Clueless was doing nothing worth while except making fun of me. I told him I was putting the tooth under my pillow and I better find some cash in the morning or that bitch tooth fairy was in for it.

Lucky for her I was too hungover Saturday to keep my promise...


  1. You know, we hounded Vodka Mom until she posted a picture....

  2. love your blog! That's why it's important to read blogs first thing in the morning. You know, before you pee!

  3. Jeanne, are you kidding?! Well, actually it's not as bad now but the dentist was afraid of it breaking off again (until I get the permanent crown) so it is somewhat better but it's still an itty bitty toofer. Maybe I'll get drunk enough this weekend to consider it!

    Marinka, if I read your blog before I pee I will have to buy myself a new computer chair.

  4. I could pee right now laughing at your comments...hey did you go see the TMI Award I gave you for your new blog? Not that it will get you closer to an Oscar, but hey I have friends who have friends who know people eventually!

    Thanks for checking me out!

  5. Ouch! Hope the dental work went well.

  6. Yikes, hope you're appropriately toothy at the mo'.

    And chicken pizza. Yum. I hope you mean Buffalo chicken pizza, because that it awesome, and almost worth the annoyance of losing a tooth!

  7. Oh crikey... dentists....
    but I am happy to report that I am unblocked!

  8. Love your blog! This is good stuff! Where in Ohio do you live?

    And thanks for checking out my blog and following. I can't believe people read what I have to say. I didn't think there would be anyone bored enough! ;-)