Wednesday, July 1, 2009

La la la, la la la la la, la la la, la la la la la

Why can't I get that damn song outta of my head?

Ok, follow up on the babysitting. Parents, really - on a Friday night DO NOT trick a beer guzzling aunt into babysitting the VERY NEXT MORNING. Especially if she starts out dinner at a place with $2 22oz drafts (which I know draft beer makes me feel like shit the next day but they're only TWO DOLLARS!) and (per your instructions) brings a 12 pack over for a visit. Thankfully Bestie decided she was bored Saturday morning and helped me out. She picked up Mini J and by the time they got to my house I'd recovered enough to sit up without feeling the urge to hurl.

For a 2 year old he was pretty good. When he got too bored from chasing the dog around the house and whining about not being allowed to play by the pool, we took him and the dog down to the bike path and a rocky "beach" area on the river. Bestie tried to show him how to skip rocks so keeping him from hitting the dog was fun. We even managed to keep him from falling in. LMP finished her work and we all headed to Chick-Fil-A to meet for lunch where Mini J transformed into demon spawn.

All three adults spent most of the time trying to bribe, cajole and threaten him into eating at least one chicken nugget. He just kept nibbling on the big waffle style fries. LMP told him to eat or he couldn't go to the play area. So then the little brat gets ME into trouble because he picks up one of those big ass fries with both hands and procedes to stuff the entire thing in his mouth. It was funny. I started snickering and LMP shoots me one of those looks. You know The Mom look. Clearly, she needs to lower her expectations. Of me, not her two year old.

Next up, adventures in potty training and dog introductions (but I'm not promising when!)