Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where the hell have I been?

I have many stories to tell, a dentist visit from hell, 746 jello shots, cripes it's been some week. I had a really witty post all written up and ready to publish the other night but the damn maintenance ate it (thanks Google!) Now I'm exhausted (and surprisingly sober) so I have nothing better to leave you than this gem from my dear mother, titled Redneck Seafood Dinner. I've never been a calamari fan myself, but I know Jeanne loves it!


  1. Hey Chick - my post last night has someting similar about the stupid blogspot eating things. I had something really witty to say on your post about the dog and the geese. Typed it out and then went to publish , it was gone. I was pissed~ I posted another comment but it wasn't the same one because I am very spontaneous with my comments and the first one had been a little lengthy and I could not recreate it to make it the same.

    I LOVE this picture. I actually thought it was calamari until I read the post! I am such a dork. Or maybe it is because it is 5 am and I am up so early because now my insomnia is hitting me in the morning instead of night. Ugh! Any hoo........... I love this post. I am so glad I found you!Sorry - that last comment sounds like a bad 80's rock ballad. LOL

  2. Ooh, looks delish! (Of course, in addition to liking calmari, I'm Appalachian by heritage, so it's really the perfect food.)

  3. I love hot dog art, so cute! Another blog has them with eyes, and one like its throat is cute with ketchup on the knife next to it...

    I have insomnia at any given, early morning...

    Hang in there baby! Remember that old phrase?

  4. Oh, that's hilarious! Hot Dog Art. The mind boggles.

  5. I love the red neck seafood. I really need to step up my dinner presentation.

    Maybe I can make it for my toddler?

  6. I wonder if there is a food artist out there who can make squid look like sausage.