Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What the hell was I thinking

It's Wednesday. I went wine tasting with Little Miss Perfect and a friend yet to be nicknamed. We're taking a girl's retreat this weekend in a cabin so I'm sure to come up with a good one for her after this excursion. Oh, and I now have an alter ego, Bev. More on that later.

Man am I going to feel like shit at work tomorrow.


  1. Be sure to go in and breathe some beery breath on the boss....

  2. I want to go wine tasting this weekend, but instead I get to entertain my inlaw. (Thank god for my secret wine stash.)

  3. I love me some wine! Hope you had fun! I have an alter ego too. Her name is Donna and she likes to swing on poles. Ha,ha

  4. I feel shit at work even without a hangover, so I figure I might as well as enjoy my evenings.

  5. I bet you felt great at the time though.

  6. We want to know EVERYTHING!

  7. GB - Hmm. I was going another direction in shaping Bev. Something like the busty bavarian barmaid?

    Jeanne - Beer? It was wine. And martini's. And rum. You know, a classy night out.

    K - poor dear. Don't let them find your stash.

    Debra - pole dancing hmm. I'm not sure Bev is up to that, but once she drinks all the white zif, all bets are off.

    Eryl - you're so right. I should go in with a hangover more often.

    Deb & Belle - It was fun. Except for the lousy service at the wine bar. And what is up with men? In this day and age a group of women can't go out and have fun without some dofus thinking we're there to meet them. Hello?! We're all married or engaged. Like our lives need ANOTHER lazy ass man to clean up after.