Monday, February 9, 2009

Ass Grab Monday

Ha! I know what you were expecting, with it being Monday and all. So what's up with the ass grabbing in place of dragging? What might be contributing to my cheery mood? (and no I'm not drunk!)

After 4 weeks of being laid off, Captain Clueless went back to work today. Which is good because with the medical and dental bills I've had to cut back on my spending addictions - and I'm really having a sweater jones.

He sent me a text around 9am that said "This sucks!"
I responded "So does welfare!"

For some reason I didn't hear back from him.

We're having a wonderful heat wave - 50's. I was able to wear clothes that don't make me look like a marshmellow, and my favorite light weight leather jacket. I may have a touch of spring fever, although I know it's going to get cold again. A co-worker IM'd me that it was 71 where she lives and I managed not to call her a nasty name. Out loud.

President Obama ended his speech by 9:00 so it didn't screw up Heros or Medium. I voted for the guy, I don't actually have to listen to him, right?

I laughed, and maybe even snorted a little over the pictures of Ponita's horse, Thunder, in giant underpants that I was trying to win.

Hey, February in Ohio pretty much sucks so you have to appreciate the little things.


  1. February seems to suck in general no matter where you are. Right at this moment Heroes is on behind me, more cheerleader please!

  2. I'm pretty much ready to hang up the winter coat for the season, even though the weatherman tells me it's going to be wintery again later this week (as evidenced by the wind battering my house at the moment). I say screw it. I'm done with winter coats. This bodes well for my killer cold at the moment, of course.

  3. Jealous. I'm still dressed as a marshmellow. Or a martian - I'm not sure which.

  4. Yup, this post really says it all. I'm with you, it sucks!

  5. Oops, that sounded wrong--not the post, February!

    Your post made me laugh.

  6. Ass grab monday - good times.

    We also having a 50's heat wave for which I am very thankful.

  7. Okay so it is 60 here. Damn I thought I saw a shoe flying my way.
    Have a good one.

  8. at least you're speaking to you husband.


  9. Knudsen - I dvr'd it, thanks for not ruining any of it!

    FADKOG & Scarlet - I know. By Saturday we're back to high's in the 30's with snow and it will probably be down hill from there.

    Leah - Ha!

    K - Isn't mother nature a total tease?

    Anne - Hmmph

    Frannie - only because he's back to work. The last 4 weeks might have caused a divorce (well, if we weren't both lazy and broke)

    K -

  10. Girl - you are too funny! I like Ass Grab Monday!

  11. I'd like to see Ass Grab Monday continue. Too funny!