Monday, February 23, 2009

Ass Drag Monday

It's that day again. I spent most of Saturday hoping I had a hangover. Around 4pm I gave in - I'm sick. I seem to have caught some freaky nauseous, sneezy, coughy crud that has been going around. Which reminded me of an ongoing debate about "The Sleeve."

I don't know about you, but at times when I sneeze and cough - especially if I'm sick - there tends to be some kind of "mucal output." Somehow, without training, I manage to carry around enough tissues to use & discard and hand sanitizer if I just have to be out and about. If meeting someone new, I explain and refrain from shaking hands. But I guess that I am a germ spreader, uncouth and unhip.

The next time you're in line at the buffet, be sure to look for these über hygienic people. Shake their germ free hand. And hope none of that flaky, dried up snot fell off of their sleeve into your entree.


  1. So, can I sneeze into YOURS? (I don't want to use mine, cause it might get too juicy.)

  2. We teach kids to cough/sneeze into their sleeve. It is the most worthless, piece of shit, strategy. Instead of making contact with their sleeve, they just cough/sneeze at it, spraying their snot and germs everywhere. The best is when snot flies out of their nose onto their sleeve and they walk around all day, like that.

    Is it just me or is the background music of that video just a little too peppy?

  3. Or, what about just staying home until you are no longer contagious?

  4. Where is my comment?
    Come m'on! F#%@F$^&F#(*(F*&#%
    I know I pressed post comment

  5. OK please don't hate me but I save them on WORD if there is word verif*ckation!!

    Here it is..
    "As a germophobe..not yet at the Howard Hughes stage peeing in jars and walking around in Kleenex box slippers but hope springs eternal...anyway, I do NOT touch public doorknobs or escalator rails or elevator buttons..nope-nope-nope.

    I'm not totally weird about it though, I will shake hands with surgeons after they've scrubbed in.

    I am sorry to hear that you are not hungover."

  6. The sock. Hmm, I'm a bit weird about my shoes, maybe the panty? (Sorry Donn, after 2 days I have to approve for them to show up)