Friday, April 3, 2009

Zombies ate my brain

Not literally but it has felt like it lately. For someone who doesn't have much of a social life, I sure haven't been home a lot. However, my neglect shouldn't continue much longer. I just got my Blackberry Storm. So if I can figure out how to use all the crap on it I will soon be posting on the go - woo hoo. At least now I can read blogs while at work (actually that's a joke, I can barely find time to use the bathroom at work.)

I've officially done more work helping my friend with her wedding preperation than I spent on my own. Which isn't saying much because my mom and sister did most of the work for mine. If it had been up to me we'd have had immediate family and a preacher. But NOOOO they wanted a church wedding so I figured they could damn well deal with it.

About the most interesting thing is that I'm on day 2 of my Chantix prescription. I had it sitting around for a while, but didn't want to start taking it while I was still suffering through the virus from hell. Then I made the mistake of googling Chantix side effects and it scared the crap out of me. Go ahead and check it out, I'll wait.

Am I right? Lawsuits, depression, nightmares - the list goes on and on.

So far I have the nausea and sleeplessness. My doc recommended I wait until being on it for 2 weeks before I quit smoking. So the countdown begins. This should be fun, and I'm totally blaming any craziness that goes on here on the meds.


  1. Why do women always want such a big party for their weddings? It just make them look foolish if they get divorced. People should be depressed and fearful when they get married so their expectations are low.

  2. 1) I have NOT returned to my violent ways. I actually eliminated 2 corpses from that story so it would fit into 100 words.

    2) Removing you from my blogroll so that Old Dog doesn't read about Chantix side effects. I'm hoping the $.65 per pack tax will tip the balance from addiction to stinginess.

    3) Heading over to read Gorilla Bananas. I thought I was the only person in the world who thought fear was the most appropriate emotion when entering upon the marital state.

  3. i don't think wedding planning and quitting smoking should happen simultaneously. just sayin'. but at least you will have a medical excuse for being a crazy bitch! {jealous}

  4. Oh, I think that is the drug my friend in Dallas started taking, and she said bewarned...she might become even more of a bitch than she appears...I heard her laughing last night on the phone, so it seems to 'not be working'? lol Well I wish you luck. I was always able to quite cold turkey...but I see ciggs and want one from time to time, just do not give into them...

  5. GB - You're right, she's going all nuts with planning this thing. I wonder how much a divorce cost compared to a wedding...

    Jeanne - Oh no - you should have be be aware of all the potential side effects so if anything is seriously wrong he can get to his doctor. I had some side effects from when I took the Zyban, so I expected this to cause some. But it's supposed to have a very good success rate.

    Sarah - Thank god it's not my wedding, all I have to do is help her stuff envelops, tie ribbons on shit and get really hammered at the bachlorette party.

    Chef E - Yeah, I tried cold turkey before, and patches (painful skin irritation) and other pills. Somehow I just start back up. The pills do help but all medications have risks.

  6. The side effects of life are depression but whats the point?

  7. Don't worry about the side effects too much. All drugs have a scary list. Just google the pill.

    Good luck.

  8. Good luck! They always list the worst case scenario side effects, so maybe it won't be too bad for you.