Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wii bit of controversy

Last night we finally found the time to play with the Wii Fit that I had to order on line because the stores still never have them around here.

We started out with the setup. A little background, I am clumsy as hell. I'm always running into things, falling down, and constantly have bruises but no clue where they came from - and this is sober! Another thing, I have a job where I sit on my arse all day and I've been lax about exercising beyond walking the dog. So I figured I was pretty much going to be screwed on this thing.

I went first, and did a surprisingly good job on the balance test. It said my BMI was in normal range (?). Then it gave me my Wii age (which, if you don't know is what everyone is bitching about, google it and you'll get about 123 million results.) Mine was -1 from my real age! Woo-hoo!

Next up, Captain Clueless. His background, he has a somewhat phsyical job and he plays softball in the spring, summer and fall. In the winter they go to an indoor place and hit a couple times a month. Also, we're the same age. Ok, I'm a day older. I know, cradle robber. It came back with his BMI being too high, and plumped his Mii out. His age? (Drumroll) +17! Man was he pissed to be in his 50s.

Then he starts bitching that he's really 6', not the 5'11" that I put in for him (which is horseshit) and that he's in way better shape than me and the thing's a piece of crap, blah, blah, blah.

We did the Yoga and Strength Training sets to start out. Our rankings came out about even (I completely sucked at the tree pose, and tried to cheat on the push-up plank thing.) Regardless, the work out kicked both of our asses. I really expected it to be cheesy, but I was out of breath and today I'm sore. I guess that means it works. The bad thing is you have to use it one at a time. But I hope he sticks with it with me, I think the Yoga moves will help with his bad back.

Chantix update:
Could be worse I guess. I expected to have the dream/nightmare problems but so far none of that. The worse is the naseau (which comes and goes,) gas and bloating. I'm trying to eat smaller meals so the bloating isn't as bad but there have been a couple of days where I could barely button my pants and I felt like I'd explode if someone stuck a pin in my belly. I ate a 6" subway sandwich and a 100 calorie bag of Cheese-its and I felt like I'd just gorged Thanksgiving style.


  1. I have heard many friends say they like it and you get a good work out...

  2. Girl, you are so funny!I want to get the Wii and the Fit one day!

  3. I want a Wii (and about a zillion other things). Hey, did the Murfreesboro plant come through the tornados okay?

  4. At least the Wii didn't tell him he was obese. My friend got that response

  5. I love our Wii Fit. Tell CC not to sweat the age, since it's all about your balance. The more you play it the better your balance will get. It's a great work out.

  6. Wii? No damned clue. But I still love your dog photo and the "Stay. Staaa-aaay. Stay." makes me laugh every time

  7. sounds good! Not available in stores you say?! Better check online now...

  8. Who comes up with these tests? Fitness experts? No! Computer nerds do!

  9. My Wii is still under my bed. Where it belongs.

  10. Wii is the gateway to living in jello and having the matrix suck all of our electricity out of our bodies! You just "imagined" that you exercised..and now "they" have all that information on you plus they probably took a retina scan and thumb print.

    Remember in Poltergeist when the little girl in front of the TV says "They're he-re"...wel Hel-LO!

    Congrats on taking control of your multi cellular organism. HIGH FIVE!