Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloweenie!

I know I've been slacking off again, but we're having a bit of indian summer here and you know I'm a fair weather friend. I'm too lazy to look it up, where did the term indian summer come from anyway? Is it offensive to our native american friends? You know, because I strive to be totally PC.

Back on topic. So, my sister sent me an obnoxious text of a guy with a mask on his lap and his male member sticking out, sort of wiggling around. Happy Halloweenie! it declared. I guffawed. I was going to share it, but then I downloaded an update to my phone Wednesday and the message went poof. Dammit.

I know what you're thinking - it's Friday so Hoodchick's obviously composing one of her drunk posts. You're right of course. But here's the thing - last Friday got a little wild, so tonight I'm sipping some pinot noir, nibbling some cheese and crackers, and catching up on my blog reading. How bad could last Friday have been? Let's just say that Bestie and I should not be allowed to do shots together. Ever. Again. Especially after her birthday party over the summer (hey, your BFF only turns 31 once, right?) Anyway, so last Friday it was amazing enough that we got the hubs to go out, but at some point someone mentioned titty bars. There's still a very heated debate about who that someone was. And someone else (cough cough) was hammered enough to say "I've never been to a titty bar." The rest, as they say, is history. Bestie's lucky, her memory of the night is a lot spottier than mine.

So, with the temperature up in the 80 degree (F) area - Bestie and I took the dogs out for a hike and then I came home to chill. Tomorrow's errand day, then trick-or-treat for the kiddies. I bought a big 120 piece bag of mixed candy bars. Captain Clueless is telling the dog that I better give away the crappy stuff first.
"Like what?" I asked.
"The Almond Joys."
"Hey! I like the Almond Joys."
"Yeah, but you don't need them."

A sudden end to indian summer.


  1. "But you don't need them?"

    And you didn't gut him?

  2. 80 really?
    If it weren't for the vast quanTITies of alcohol, even a brief visit to the Titty Bars would sclad the voyeur with the unsolicited reality of "OMG that's somebody's daughter!"

    I hope that you enjoyed your First Asians Summer because we haven't had a whiff of it up here :(

  3. You could have said that his titties were bigger than some of the ladies at the titty bar.

  4. 80? jesus, I might have to kick your ass.

  5. Captain Dumbass - Gutting might be too good for him!

    Donn - it's been an odd one here, 80 one day and then 50 the next. It's just a tease, really!

    Janie - You're right, who needs men when there's wine and chocolate?

    OMG - Were you there? How did you know they were all A cup strippers??

    VM - Hey, I don't control the weather. I just enjoy it when I get it.

  6. If a man said that to me, you can be damn sure I'd eat the whole bag just to spite him...And well because I probably would have eaten the whole bag anyway .. ha

  7. Eat all the candy! Damn men, why don't they know when to keep quiet? ha
    Our weather here hasn't been as nice as yours, but better than it could be. I'd still like for it to be more than 45 degrees though! LOL

  8. I'm goin' Homer Simpson on this one.."Muuuuum, Titty Bars..Muumm, Almond Joys..I would die, a fulfilled, and a complete man.. :)