Sunday, October 18, 2009

This is sure to get someone's goat

How long do you think it will take for PETA to get bug up their arse about this?

ANDOVER, Mass.— A Boston suburb has some new landscapers that will work for food _ a half-dozen goats clearing and maintaining an overgrown public meadow.

Under a pilot program in Andover, Lucy McKain's dairy goats will rotate their grazing around the meadow for an all-you-can-eat buffet of grass, brush and other growth. The goats can clear as much as a half acre every three days at no cost.

The fact it's free is important to Andover officials, since money is tight and they couldn't afford the heavy equipment, fuel and labor needed to clean up the meadow. Plus, goat landscaping is environmentally friendly.

If the program is a success, Andover officials want to make more public parkland available to other grazing animals.

And I thought that the geese shit in all the parks close to my house is bad...


  1. Would it be goose sheet, or geese shit? Anyway, girl, that last one hit me hard. Glad I wasn't drinking a dr. pepper!

  2. The goats probably think they're on vacation at an all inclusive resort!

    Don't you know the geese are doing their public duty??? They are fertilizing the grass!

    We get tons of them here as well. It's quite amazing going past a field and seeing 100,000 geese grazing.

  3. It's ethical as long as nobody fucks the goats.

  4. Janie, you're right - it is goose sheet!

    Ponita - I hope it's good for something. I feel sorry for all those little kids I see out there at football practice.

    GB - Hmm. Maybe they shouldn't try this in New Mexico...

  5. Better than how the Army was using them a few years ago. They tethered them to a hillside, then shot them, then had Army medics work on them under "combat conditions."

    And I'm thinking, why not have them practice at an inner-city ER? At least the patients would have the same anatomy as the soldiers they're training to work on.