Sunday, November 22, 2009

Anti-Thanks part II

Because life’s been force feeding me a big soggy shit sandwich lately, I’m going to lead up to the holiday with a series of suck lists. Hopefully you’re not dealing with these kinds of things so YOU can give extra thanks.

Things that suck about your dog having cancer

• Restraining myself from kicking the vet in the balls when he recommends that I skip the three pack and only buy heartworm treatment a month at a time now
• The steroid treatment that makes him drink, drink, drink and pee, pee, pee – so much for a good night’s sleep or working through lunch
• Listening to him whimper and watching him tremble when we pull into the vet’s lot
• Forget the cost of treatment, how bad is my bank account hurting from constantly buying him new toys and treats
• Realizing we’re both eating like pigs and he’s losing weight, but I’m not
• Wondering how long it will take before I can talk about it without crying
• Realizing that the funky tasting beef jerky we’re sharing expired two months ago, and I’m the one that should have known better than to eat it anyway
• Dealing with non-dog people who just don’t get it
• When we’re doing stuff together, figuring out how not to think about not being together to do those things anymore –

o like racing to and from the garage to carry in groceries
o pulling out household items from the shopping bags one at a time and letting him sniff them until I “finally” get to, ta-da, a new toy!
o the wrestling match that ensues to keep him from scaring the bejeepers out of the pizza delivery man

• repeatedly poking and prodding him to move so I can get into bed, then appreciating that my spot’s all warmed up
• Facing that I might lose one of my best friends way sooner than I thought


  1. Oh're preachin' to the choir.

    It's been over 7 1/2 years since I said goodbye to my lovely Jack and we still aren't up to getting another pup. How pathetic is that?
    So obviously I can't give you any reasonable advice on how not to fixate on what's left of the time that you have together.
    I put on a brave face for my wife and I dragged out the inevitable far longer than I should have. I still miss him and his heavy sighs when he'd lay down at my feet..and give me that sideways glance whenever I'd get know that old Do I have to get up or are you just going to the bathroom?
    It's tough sluggin'.

  2. I'm so sorry. My parents' dog is suffering from a bunch of different illnesses. They couldn't wake her up a few weeks ago. She made it through, but is now on a very special, very expensive diet.

    It really is like losing a member of your family :(

  3. This made me cry, so sad. We lost our black lab in February due to Cushings Disease. It's horrible when they're sick and you feel pretty much useless.

  4. Sucks. It all sucks, big time. I know, I lost 2 special members of my family in the space of 3 months. It hurts, and will hurt for a long time, but eventually, you will remember the better times more than the worse times. And that is why we do it. "Keep calm and carry on" as they say.....