Friday, June 12, 2009

Adventures in drunken visits resulting in babysitting

Somehow I got conned into watching Mini-J tomorrow. A Saturday. Morning. With a two year old. I'm sure that all the 22 oz drafts for $2 BEFORE she sprung the question on me had nothing to do with it.

How many kinds of dumb am I? This is the kid that showed up at the ball park Tuesday night without a having taken a nap all day. We walked up to the concession stand to get suckers & to wear him out. Ha! The only suckers were us. He threw a huge tantrum on the way back and kicked his ball towards the parking lot. Then kicked it again. And a third time, into the lot. Under a car. And went after it. With LMP telling him not to do it all the way. To Bestie I muttered - oh that kid would so get an ass whippin'. LMP retrieved the ball and dragged her progeny back to the diamonds, kicking and screaming the whole way.

Later, when he's in his chair in "time out" there are other kids running around playing. He sniffles.
Mini-J: "I want to go play with him." (everyone is "him" or "her" if Mini-J doesn't know their name.) No response from anyone

Mini-J: "Mommy, I want to go play with him!" Still no response from anyone

Mini-J: "I sorry"

Hoodchick: "That sounded very sincere." about 20 seconds go by

Mini-J: "*sniffle, sniffle* Mommy, I sssorry"

Hoodchick: *snicker*

Mini-J: "It's not funny!"

Hoodchick: "Oh, but it is. What isn't funny is the tantrum you threw earlier."

Mini-J: "Wha-aaaa-aaaa"

What is it about 2 year olds that they have to rely on tears to win a fight?

If he wasn't so darn cute I'd have been able to say NO WAY IN HELL!!!

For those of you busting on my Justin Timberlake love, I leave you this (which is really, really funny if you're up on popular music and in a country that allows you to view this. Seriously, I laughed so hard I farted. Wait a minute, I didn't say that. It was the DOG that farted. Really. Would I lie about something like that?)


  1. You are going to have the best time. Well, maybe not the BEST, but just think--blog fodder! Good luck!

  2. Yeah...that kid is cute. The cute ones are usually the worst though.

    P.S. I love your funny Justin videos.

  3. Definitely will come away with blog fodder, and if necessary to entertain, kids can watch YouTube clips all the damn time! Practice counting to ten, though, and good luck!

  4. Okay watching that video and laughing, I probably woke up my friends, as I am staying in Texas for a weeks, it was hysterical, I forgot all about your wee one whoas :) See just turn him onto some humor, and get him happy :O)

  5. Great Post! Laughed so hard, I did fart and I can't blame it on the dogs!

  6. Good luck with that 2 year old. Understand early on that he's going to break you, then once he's gone you can 'bring it on down to liquorville.'

  7. my dad is sitting nearby, I shall watch this later. I can't wait. the skit he did with Beyonce on SNL a few months ago was hysterical

  8. Thank god two years are cute. Otherwise my son won't survive to adulthood.

  9. Justin is SUPER funny! The do y'er Moms video from SNL!!OMFG!

    I love the fact that like Clooney, he can make fun of his ridiculously talented self. Plus my daughters, both of whom grew up listening to him (they're in their 20s) tell me that as far as Entertainment Supastar is concerned, he BE da real deal!

  10. I LOVE your labels on the post. ;-)

  11. This is how far behind I am in blog reading. How did it go? (BTW -- reasoning with a 2-year-old. A bigger waste of time than reasoning with the crowd at the other end of the building. Just sayin'.)